The 10 Biggest Wellness Myths of the Past Decade, From Carb Fears to Juice Cleanses


When it comes to health and wellness information, the internet can often be one big black hole of contradiction. (See: are fats bad for weight loss, or should we be eating more of them?) All this back and forth is enough to make you want to pull your hair out, but instead of resorting to that — because really, who knows what advice to stimulate hair follicle growth is fact-based or bogus — POPSUGAR turned to the experts to help us reveal the truth behind 10 of the biggest myths of the last 10 years.

Read on to get the final word on how to live healthier, including how much water you should really be drinking, if wearing antiperspirant is safe, and if there’s really a cure-all for your sluggish metabolism. Then let’s leave these debates where they belong — in the past.

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