Forget James Charles, Here Are 5 Queer Beauty Influencers You Should *Actually* Be Following


Image: Joel Louzado

Oh how the mighty have fallen. Just a week after walking the carpet at the Met Gala (and making waves for his Insta caption about “influencer representation” *eye roll*), 19-year-old beauty YouTuber James Charles is having a *very* different second Monday in May.

On May 10, fellow YouTuber Tati Westbrook, who *also* happens to be Charles’s former BFF/mentor, posted a 43-minute video explaining her decision to cut ties with the young star. While the duo has been feuding since April, when Charles posted an ad for Sugar Bear Hair Supplements, a direct competitor to Westbrook’s supplement brand, the new video accused Charles of spreading lies about her, being rude AF to other people in the beauty community and making inappropriate comments about hooking up with people who identify as straight.

Since the video launched, Charles has been called out by other celebs for problematic behaviour and has lost almost 3 MILLION subscribers. But, we shouldn’t be that surprised because the YouTuber is far from a saint. The beauty guru has previously been called out for making racist comments and being transphobic.

Who needs that on their timeline? Not us. Instead, here are six beauty influencers who are *actually* worthy of your time.

Joel Louzado (@joellouzado)

This GTA-based makeup artist—who’s also a writer and graphic designer here at FLARE—has become known for his iconic homages to all the greats, from Salvador Dali to Kim Kardashian West. And, as one of very few male beauty influencers of colour, he’s breaking barriers as well.

Lauren Elyse (@laur_elyse)

This Chicago-based influencer is known for her *amazing* artistry and knowing how to stay on theme (check out her Insta grid, it’s a dream). The seriously gorge MUA was diagnosed with vitiligo when she was young, and is a *big* proponent of self-love, often highlighting the patches on her face with makeup.

Feraud Porcelain (@feraudporcelain)

Hailing from the 6ix, this Guyanese-Canadian beauty influencer is guaranteed to be a fave for anyone who’s into pop culture and Ariana Grande (read: everyone). God may be a woman, but @feraudporcelain is truly divine.

Miles Jai (@miles_jai)

This Los Angeles-based influencer not only has their hand in the beauty world, but the comedy world as well (we stan a funny multi-hyphenate). Jai isn’t only talented, but makes sure to help those around them, always lifting up and supporting queer and Black voices.

Mei Pang (@meicrosoft)

This Toronto-based influencer is known for her amazing natural-ish makeup. And PS, her tattoos are to die for.


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