Let the Jonas Brothers Make You Feel Like a Lovestruck Teen Again


The Jonas Brothers have a certain kind of nostalgia embedded into their discography. Perhaps it’s because many of us were just teens when “Lovebug” first came out, but turn on the right Jonas Brothers song, and it’s easy to feel like a starry-eyed, lovesick puppy.

With their latest album (the first since the band broke up in 2013!), their new songs show a respectable amount of growth, with nods to their current wives and their own real-life relationships. In this house, we love love, and turns out, the JoBros do too. So without further ado, a roundup of the brothers’ seven best love songs.

“When You Look Me in the Eyes” (2007)

The song: As one genius YouTube commenter wrote of the above music video, “This is the type of song that plays on the radio while you’re in a car and it starts to rain, and you dramatically look outside the window pretending you’re in a music video but in reality you’re on your way to the supermarket.”

The sweetest lyric: “If the heart is always searching / Can you ever find a home? / I’ve been looking for that someone / I’ll never make it on my own”

“Hello Beautiful” (2007)

The song: If you need a song to transport you back to the early 2000s, when we were all blissfully unaware of all that was about to come, this one is it.

The sweetest lyric: “I could go across the world / And see everything and never be satisfied / If I couldn’t see those eyes”

“Inseparable” (2007)

The song: Is it just me or does “Inseparable” have some great pop punk Yellowcard vibes? Either way, listen to the song and then doodle the lyrics all over your crush’s notebook.

The sweetest lyric: “I would give it up / To never let you fall”

“Lovebug” (2008)

The song: If you don’t know why this song made the list, you don’t deserve to be here! Sorry, those are just the rules.

The sweetest lyric: “Now I’m speechless, over the edge / I’m just breathless”

“Before the Storm” (2009)

The song: This is more of a sad one, but the Miley Cyrus feature alone makes this baby a JoBros classic.

The sweetest lyric: “A heart is not a home / Without the one who gets you through the storm”

“Strangers” (2019)

The song: Nick Jonas and Joe Jonas have writing credits on this sweet tune about feeling immediately connected to someone. Could it be about Priyanka Chopra? Sophie Turner? We might never know—but it’s still really cute.

The sweetest lyric: “I just saw the lightning strike / Knew it right then when I looked in your eyes / And I said to myself, “It’s no surprise, we ain’t strangers” / “Strangers tonight”

“Hesitate” (2019)

The song: It’s been revealed that this track is Joe Jonas’s very personal (and very beautiful) “love letter” to none other than his wife Sophie Turner.

The sweetest lyric: “If I could only read your mind / Then I could map out all the ways to make it right”

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