This Winter Is Dry AF—Here Are the Moisturizers That’ll Save You


best moisturizers for body: Biossance, Kiehl's and Lano body lotions against a light purple background with marbled dark purple and green patches.
The best body lotion for your skin type will probably change with the seasons.

Hey, did you know your face only takes up roughly 5% of your skin? We spend tons of time and money on our mugs, making it easy to forget the other 95% of our bods needs TLC, too. It’s time to stop that and actually use a body lotion.

The best time to use a moisturizer is right after you hop out of the shower and towel off. You want your skin to be a li’l damp (making it easier for all the goodness to sink in) but not dripping wet.

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You’ll probably find you need to switch up your body lotion according to the season, no matter your skin type. Lighter for summer, richer for winter and all that jazz. No worries, they make the stuff in just about every consistency imaginable.

Here are 10 body moisturizers to suit all your skincare needs, ordered from lightest to richest consistency.

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