8 No-Equipment Arm Workouts to Get Your Shoulders Shaking and Sculpted


It’s not too tough to figure out a good bodyweight workout for cardio, abs, or even lower body (squats and lunges are tough even without weights!), but it’s trickier when you want to target your arms. Sure, you can always knock out a few sets of push-ups, but how else can you get an upper body workout, minus the weighted bicep curls and chest presses?

Not to worry: if there’s no equipment around, grab one of these bodyweight upper body workouts from YouTube that feature creative moves to work your arms, shoulders, and back. Get ready for arm circles, tricep dips, and yes, push-ups — and as a bonus, they’re all less than 10 minutes long! Grab your mat, put those arms to work, and don’t forget to stretch your upper body once you’re done.

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