How This Young Woman’s Birth Control Journey Helped Her Find Self-Confidence


Aaliyah‘s doctor recommended that she start birth control, which was a big relief. Because her schedule was jam-packed with sports, Aaliyah had a hard time remembering to take a daily pill. After trying a few different options, Aaliyah ultimately found that a monthly birth control ring was the best fit for her lifestyle*.

Plus, knowing when to expect her period made Aaliyah feel confident and in control. “It gave me peace of mind in the sense that I could control what happened with my body,” she said.

Aaliyah said deciding to start birth control at such a young age also helped with her maturity, because sitting down with her doctor to discuss her options made her feel like a grown woman — not an immature teenager. “Now I can live my life the way I wish to live it and be confident in my own decisions,” she said.

Looking back, Aaliyah remembered how helpless she felt before starting birth control and encourages other young women to talk to their parents and doctor about their options. Making an informed decision is key — it’s what ultimately helped Aaliyah feel like her best, most confident self.

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