The Best and Most Superhuman Skills Simone Biles Debuted in 2020 Alone — There Are Many


If everything aligns right, Simone Biles will be at the Tokyo Olympics this coming summer — she’s arguably the best in her sport. Sure, she will have to qualify like everyone else, but her high-scoring routines speak for themselves. What other gymnast could fall during a competition and still come out with a gold medal? Biles. Who else could pull off three twists and two flips in the air time and time again? Biles. What person could get two new flips named after them in 2019? Well . . . you know who.

The superstar athlete started out 2020 strong, prepping for her presumed few months leading up to the Olympic trials. However, once the COVID-19 pandemic hit, Biles’s training (as well as the training of every athlete preparing for the highly anticipated games overseas) came to a halt. Despite it all, she’s showcased difficult-times-10 skills this year.

Whether she’s just playing around for fun at gymnastics practice or seriously considering these upgrades to her routines, which remains to be seen, keep reading to watch all of Biles’s impressive new skills she debuted in 2020. And the year isn’t even over yet! Maybe she has more up her athletically gifted sleeve.

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