Take 10 Minutes For Self-Care Today With This Relaxing Yoga Flow


Whether you need a relaxing way to wake up in the morning or you could use a little midday self-care, follow along to this 10-minute yoga flow from Kassandra Reinhardt of Yoga with Kassandra. She said even if you only have a short time, taking just 10 minutes for yourself will set the tone for your day, and is so important to do before taking care of the other people in your life.

With her 500-hour teacher certification, Kassandra said this full-body yoga class is for all levels, requires no props, and will help stretch your body and relieve sore muscles. You’ll enjoy hip-opening poses like Reclined Butterfly and ab stretches like Sphinx Pose. She ends with a short meditation to set a “one-word intention,” choosing a word that truly captures how you want to feel today and what you want to focus on, such as love, strength, kindness, happiness, gratitude, or peace. Enjoy!

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