This 35-Minute Fat-Burning HIIT Cardio Routine Has 4 Rounds of Full-Out Bodyweight Work


Canfitpro-certified personal trainer Heather Robertson is one of our favorite trainers on YouTube. She just recently shared a 35-minute HIIT cardio workout, seen above, that will burn calories (plus, high-intensity interval training aids in fat loss if you do it enough). The workout requires zero equipment and includes two rounds of eight exercises followed by two rounds of eight different exercises — that’s four rounds total.

The first set of eight moves are: squat and kick, high knees and butt kicks, jumping jacks, boxer shuffle, speed skaters, ghost rope, mountain climbers, and burpee jacks. The second set of eight exercises include the following: toe taps, crossover jacks, broad jump, speed bag, up and out jacks, spot sprints, push back push-ups, and shuffle and hop. Robertson demonstrates each move, so you can easily follow along.

You’ll do 40 seconds of full-out movement, followed by 10 seconds of rest. There’s a longer rest break incorporated as well in between the second and third rounds. “This fat burning HIIT cardio workout will get that heart rate up and will help improve your cardiovascular endurance,” Robertson wrote of the workout. She includes a warmup and a cooldown in the video itself, too. Find an open space and get to work!

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