These Are the 37 Items I Use to De-Stress Like a Wellness Expert


Bouts of stress and anxiety sneak up on all of us, but this year, I’ve made it my mission not to let them beat me down. When I start to feel panicked, I try to take inventory of the situation and focus on gaining perspective. It might sound counterintuitive, but I’ve discovered that the easiest way to de-stress is to be prepared. For me, that means having the right products at my disposal, so all I need to focus on are breathing deeply and taking care of myself.

These are the items I keep in stock, so if I have a quick minute for some self-care, I’m already prepared. Using them makes me feel more centered, and I can get back to myself. Some of them I use to keep myself out of a panic, and some of them I indulge in when I’m already feeling calm, but I consider each one an important part of my self-care routine. Take a deep breath, and shop my picks.

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