Build Balance Into Your Wellness Routine With These Expert-Recommended Practices


Make Time to Meditate

Meditation can also be a powerful tool, but Manda and Meleah acknowledged that it can be intimidating for beginners. Ease yourself into it by starting with just five minutes of meditation a day, then increasing the time by two minutes each week. You can opt for a guided meditation or simply set a timer on your phone and focus on your breath.

If you find yourself getting distracted or fidgety, you might want to try another of Manda and Meleah’s favorite practices: embodiment. “This practice is about dropping out of the busyness of the mind and down into the safety of the body,” they said. “Set aside some private time and space, and breathe deeply into the belly, in through the nose, and exhale slowly, out through the mouth. Shake your hands and your arms for a few seconds, and then come back to stillness and feel what sensations or emotions are arising within you.” It might feel silly, but feeling the sensations of your body in the moment can help you connect to the present.

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