Sweat and Punch It Out With This 15-Minute Boxing Bag Workout From FightCamp’s PJ Shirdan


When it comes to effective and efficient boxing workouts, PJ Shirdan knows best. After all, he’s the founding trainer at FightCamp and is a NASM-certified trainer and a certified MMA strength and conditioning coach. Shirdan created a FightCamp-inspired boxing bag workout you can do when you’re short on time. It’s a high-intensity, full-body session meant to burn calories, increase strength, and help with stability. “It will build lean muscle, burn fat, and leave you feeling stronger, faster, and better than before,” Shirdan told POPSUGAR.

15-Minute Boxing Bag Workout From FightCamp’s PJ Shirdan

Equipment: Gloves and a boxing bag (optional). If you don’t have a boxing bag, Shirdan suggests doing this workout without equipment as shadowboxing or holding one-pound weights while punching to add resistance.

Directions: Warm up for at least two minutes with moves such as arm circles, torso twists, leg swings, hip circles, and reverse lunge and reach. Then, move into the bulk of the workout, which consists of three three-minute circuits with one minute of active recovery in between them. Each circuit will be repeated twice before heading into one minute of boxer’s bounces for active recovery (you’ll see that laid out ahead); however, you can take a full one-minute rest instead of the boxer’s bounces if you need. You’ll focus on the four main punches in boxing: jab, cross, hook, and uppercut. To cool down, do static stretches such as hamstring stretches and some deep breathing. Depending on how long you warm up and cool down for — and whether you take breaks — this workout should last about 15 minutes.

Round 1: Repeat Twice

  • Jab and cross: 30 seconds
  • Uppercut and squat: 30 seconds
  • Seated boxer’s twist: 30 seconds

One minute of active recovery with boxer’s bounce.

Round 2: Repeat Twice

  • Hook: 30 seconds
  • Lunge and punch: 30 seconds
  • High plank: 30 seconds

One minute of active recovery with boxer’s bounce.

Round 3: Repeat Twice

  • Uppercut: 30 seconds
  • Bob and weave: 30 seconds
  • Athlete’s choice (favorite two punches): 30 seconds

One minute of active recovery with boxer’s bounce.

Note: Shirdan explained that the proper boxing stance means you stand staggered. If you’re right-handed, you have your left foot in front; if you’re left-handed, you have your right foot in front.

Ahead, see step-by-step instructions for how to format the workout along with how to do each exercise. Also, check out more workout content specifically from FightCamp on the company’s website.

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